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PREVAIL: Prove Your Power Self-Study Program


The Prevail Prove Your Power Self Study Program is presented in logical, simple and practical video lessons, to ensure that the methods and shifts in mindset become a part of each individual's toolbox of mind, body and soul resources.

Videos created by Morgan Crew, Mental Health Educator, will guide you through this innovative personal development program.

The comprehensive program and targeted curriculum includes:

Lesson Outlines include:

Lesson 1: Grounding Foundations
Lesson 2: Boundaries
Lesson 3: Private Logic
Lesson 4: True Essence Rediscovery
Lesson 5: Core Values Revelation
Lesson 6: Self-Alignment Shake Up and Bonus Universal Laws Basics
Lesson 7: Journaling Breakthroughs
Lesson 8: Prevail Prove Your Power Reflection

Your Prevail Prove Your Power Program Includes:

  •  Full access to the Prevail Prove Your Power Program videos and materials for 6 months
  •  Physical copy of workbook mailed to you
  •  PDF format of workbook to download

The service provided to the CLIENT is as per the program outline above. All information provided by the CLIENT will be kept strictly confidential. The CLIENT understands that mental health education/coaching is not advice; psychotherapy or counselling and those professional referrals will be given if needed. The CLIENT enters into mental health education/coaching with the understanding that they are responsible for creating their own results.

The CLIENT(s) agrees to the following:

  1. Make a commitment to yourself by completing all of the videos and associated assignments and to the action plans you create.
  2. Prevail program fees are collected before beginning the mental health education program. There are No Refunds. Due to the nature of the program you cannot receive a refund for the program or any component regardless of whether you utilize the program or not. All funds will be deemed earned upon activation and access to the program for the CLIENT.

**Disclaimer: This is an educational program and not therapy.**

The CLIENT agrees and checks the agreement box as their signature on this Agreement, which thereby indicates compliance with the above Terms and Conditions and understanding of the services provided.

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Prevail: Prove Your Power Self Study Program

An empowering mental health course designed specifically for adults over 30 who are seeking to overcome anxiety, depression and relationship challenges.

This course is designed from years of providing mental health support to clients in the nursing and psychotherapy world.

I have gleaned the most impactful concepts from my education and experience to create this course so that I can give you skills needed in advance of a mental health challenge.

These concepts can be applied to a current challenge and then serve as a template to help prevail and prove your power over others that arise on our pathway of life.

What’s Included:

  • Full access to the Prevail Prove Your Power Program videos and materials for 6 months
  • Physical copy of workbook mailed to you
  • PDF format of workbook to download

Here’s What You'll Learn:

  • Learn how to calm your nervous system. You'll learn about the impact of powerful emotions such as stress, anxiety and depression have on your mind, body and soul. 
  • Transform from seeing obstacles in your life as opportunities.
  • Discover the source of your limiting beliefs so that you make sense of why you feel what you do in the present day. 
  • Discover who you really are and what you are really made of!
  • Will gain frameworks to use over and over when life presents you with a challenge.
  • Learn about your values, your passions and where you want to be in life.
  • Learn how to shift out of the victim mindset and how to prevail beyond this identity.
  • Deeply learn how to Prevail and Prove their Power

**Disclaimer : This is an educational program and not therapy.**